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Homecoming is a point and click, interactive story. You play as a man damaged by his time fighting in the war. Finding it difficult to cope with the reality of home, he flees. After losing a grasp of himself for a period of time, he decides it's time to return home to his family.

Creative Process:

The first time that I wrote a decent story for a game, it was short and sweet, it was self-contained and took place mostly on a smartphone screen. You play as a man walking home after working late, you get into a petty argument with your wife for not being around and end the conversation on bad terms. The game ends just after the last message is sent and you are involved in a car accident from not paying attention to your surroundings. Although the game didn't last very long it had an impact. I had never really used emotion in a game before that and it kind of opened my eyes to it.

So, I decided I want to make a game with a bit more meat in the dialogue. It took me a while to figure what this story would be, I knew I wanted to leave an impact again but this time on a bigger scale. I thought to myself what about a game about P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), the impact it can have on both friends and family can be devastating. It seems that a big part of the illness is the constant conflict inside your own mind and I wanted to explore that in this game and hopefully some of you reading this will explore it with me.

For the art, I knew straight away that I'd do pixel art. I've been waiting for a while to finally make pixel art for a game. I started out by getting old photo from the first world war online to make a colour palette so I could imitate the colour scheme for the photos and rooms in my game, it was a mixture light and dark shades of brown. After a while of making the scenes I realized that the palette didn't reflect the game's tone enough. So I messed around with some filters in photoshop until I got something that I thought matched it perfectly. As I used fungus for the project, I wanted to make and appropriate text box. The game uses interaction with photographs and items from the war, so I thought I'd theme it around developed film to enforce the idea you interact with the game through memories.


Please don't hesitate to let me know what you guys think, and if there's any problems with any of the builds let me know and I'll get on it straight away.

Thanks :)


homecoming_win.zip 58 MB
homecoming_mac.zip 26 MB


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